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CA as a profession is not just a profession for many instead it’s filled with emotion, passion, perseverance. Altogether a winner wins when the individual is fulfilled with passion to achieve it. Becoming a CA is a mingle of innovative education with mentored, working experience who is the possessor of a greater ability to analyze and interpret business issues and develop zestful solutions.

The journey from the foundation to finals of a bounty hunter of their profession gives the edge over their counterparts; they rise further and faster into more diverse roles.

How is CA Different?

We are often asked what the difference is between studying Chartered accountancy and other accounting professional course. Every profession has its own requirement criteria, Therefore it needs guidance in the process to achieve anything . Whereas in Chartered Accountancy it is the starting from where a pursuer is given a chance to fight against the storms just like the cocoon fights for the beautiful creation to become a butterfly. This way the ICAI body has given the chance to experience on its own journey from the foundation to finals, the phase of articleship is the phase of a cocoon to a butterfly. It struggles to get the wings like he Ca aspirants get through the final after completion of their articleship to become a CA Professional ie; to become the beautiful butterfly.

This profession gives the utmost knowledge and it is a continuous learning process. As a CA it is the first step to the society or the economy to reward the knowledge and skill in finance, investment consultancy, fund management, etc.

Works get accomplished by putting in the effort, and certainly not by mere wishful thinking. A deer certainly do not enter a sleeping lions mouth.” 

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